Trolls Called ‘Gareebo ki Angelina Jolie’ to Esha Gupta, She Gave Them The Befitting Reply –


Being a celebrity is not an easy task. They are always trolled for almost everything they do- the way they dress, look, eat, speak and what not. While some celebs doesn’t pay much attention to such negativity, there are some who deal with trollers and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Actress Esha Gupta has been a target of trolls since the beginning of her career. She has been facing instant comparisons and mockery over her looks. There was a time when she was compared to Hollywood sensation, Angelina Jolie and people on social media used to call her ‘Gareebon Ki Angelina Jolie.’

Talking about the same, Esha said that she still gets such comments which often annoys her but she thinks that there will always be a small section of people who are unhappy with whatever one does. During a live session with BollywoodLife, Esha said,

“She’s one of the hottest women (emphatically). You know what annoys me, well…not anymore, but what used to annoy me was when people would be nasty earlier and would love to troll…now they’ve become less bitter. However, people would call me, ‘Oh…gareebon ki Angelina Jolie (the poor man’s Angelina Jolie).’ And, I used to say, ‘Yeah, but you’re calling yourself gareeb (poor) there.’ I’m not saying that, I did not ask to look like this, it’s my parents’ production and I look like this.”

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She told that sometimes people posts collage of hers with Jolie which made her believe about some similarity.

“Yeah, I do, but, I’ll be honest, I still don’t see it (the analogy with Jolie’s visage). Well, I may have seen it a couple of times, when people do that collage with two posters. So, at that time, the pictures they actually picked up, even I was like, ‘Okay maybe.’ Also, for me, I’ve always felt that I look like my mother. But, when people say it, and like I said, when they put the pictures together, then I’m like, ‘Yeah, maybe!”

Taking it in a positive way Esha said,

“No matter how hard you work, there will always be a small section of people who will always be unhappy. I stopped caring about it after a point. Look at her though, she’s not only one of the hottest, I really wish I had talent like her or be where she is…I really wish that. And she has Brad Pitt by the way.”

Recently Esha made her relationship official with a Spanish businessman Manuel Campos Guallar through a lovable Instagram post. She posted a picture of both of them dressed in black, and wrote, “te amo mucho mi amor,” which means “I love you so much, my love,” when translated in English.

On the work front, Esha was last seen in ZEE5’s, RejectX Season 2.



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