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Who said sportsmen cannot be lazy? There are a bunch of cricketers who were famously remembered for a specific facet, which we can bluntly call ‘Laziness’. Though athletes need to be more fit and active, these cricketers just doesn’t care.

Although it is not fair to give them such names by watching them on the screen for just a few hours, but there were certain aspects in their game which clearly showed they were a bit on the sluggish side.

Here’s the list of ten cricketers who are the laziest in cricket.

Kuldeep Yadav

Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav is one of the best fielders in the team. But he isn’t the swiftest mover and can be a little sloppy on the field. Thus, he needs to work on his fitness to match the work of his teammates.

Mohammad Shehzad

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Mohammad Shahzad is a classic example of how lack of fitness can show you the exit doors in cricket, especially in this day-and-age. With the game demanding so much more physical involvement, Shahzad’s slow movement behind and between the wicket wasn’t helping Afghanistan move forward.

Chris Gayle

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No matter how many mammoth sixes he hit and the tons of runs he accumulated, Gayle will always be remembered for his sluggish movement on the field. Although it is fun to the viewer’s eye to see him celebrate every time he stops a ball, he is also one of the least productive fielders in the team. He makes up for it in a way not many can, but his running between the wickets and his fielding effort make us add him into this infamous list.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

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Not many can forget the famous yawn from Sarfaraz Ahmed during the India-Pakistan match in Manchester during the 2019 World Cup. As much as it was used a meme content, a lot of people came out very harsh on the Pakistani skipper for that little moment. He isn’t the quickest behind or between the wicket and has historically struggled whilst keeping against spinners who bowl with a very flat trajectory. This is what didn’t help him from achieving the heights he should’ve.


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One of the great batsmen of all time in cricket history, the former Pakistani captain was always on the lazier side when it came to running between the wickets. Inzamam always struggled on the field and he preferred fielding inside the 30-yard circle most of the times. 

Thisara Perera

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The talented all-rounder from Sri Lanka is one of the slowest fielders in the ground. It would be wrong to say he doesn’t put a lot of effort while he is bowling, but he always looks a little timid when compared to others. He prefers amassing runs in the form of boundaries because of his issues with running.

Munaf Patel

07 23 26 Munaf Patel

Munaf’s slow movement on the field was always questioned and trolled. He had a certain threshold as far as his ability to run fast was concerned, which would end with him completing his quota of overs. His fitness concerns developed new injuries and deteriorated his pace as well, eventually kicking him out of the spotlight.

Dwayne Leverock

07 22 28 Leverock 768x387 1

Leverock also nicknamed “Sluggo” was among the heaviest player’s to ever step on a cricket pitch. An all rounder for his national side Bermuda, Leverock never cared about fitness. Though he pulled off a blinder in the world cup to dismiss Robin Uthappa, but apart from it he was too heavy to even chase the ball.

Kedar Jadhav

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Kedar Jadhav can be really casual in the field. He is usually late in moving towards the ball. He has mis-fielded many times in various matches. Besides this, he has been a partnership breaker for the team and he has also provided the finishing touches to the innings.

Yusuf Pathan

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Indian all rounder, Yusuf Pathan is not the greatest mover on the cricket field. Dropping sitters in the outfield is his perennial habit. No matter how hard he tries; Yusuf certainly lags much behind others when it comes to fitness. He rarely likes to take singular runs, instead loves to hit the ball out of the boundary and collect maximum runs.



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