Smriti Irani Gave A Hilarious Reply To A Congress Supporter Who Called Her “Dumb” And “Unintelligent”


Actress turned politician Smriti Irani is one of the most popular personalities on Twitter. She is known for her fierce nature and the witty replies. She is known for living with her heart on her sleeve, as she never minces her words while expressing her thoughts.

On Twitter, Smriti Irani is known for her sense of humor and witty replies. She knows the art of giving it back to the trollers and haters with her witty replies. Every then and now, we keep witnessing her taking down on the trollers like a boss.

Recently, she was at it again, after a popular Twitter user called her ‘dumbest and unintelligent’. The Twitter user wrote:

SMRITI IRANI is the DUMBEST & most UNINTELLIGENT Parliamentarian in the history of India!”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Well, the tweet didn’t go down well with the fans of Smriti Irani and the supporters of BJP, who gave it back to the Twitter user left, right and center. However, the best reply came from none other Smriti Irani herself who brutally trolled the Twitter user over his Tweet.

Smriti Irani gave it back to the twitter user by taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi. Smriti Irani reminded him that she defeated the ‘super intelligent’ Rahul Gandhi during the Amethi elections. She wrote:

I agree …. imagine a dumbass like me defeating the super intelligent RG”

Here, check out the reply of Smriti Irani:

Twitterati soon flooded her reply with their amazing reactions it. Twitterati just can’t stop hailing her for her fitting reply to the twitter user.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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Smriti Irani Gave A Hilarious Reply To A Congress Supporter


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