PM Narendra Modi Has Acknowledged The Letter For CBI Inquiry In Sushant’s Case


It has been a month since the talented Sushant Singh Rajput has bid adieu to this wonderful world. After the initial investigations, police concluded the fact that it was a suicide. However, several people from the nation claimed that this was not a plain suicide but a planned murder in cold blood.

In fact, there were celebrities too who took to the social media in order to protest against the fact that the police is concluding the case way too faster than one can anticipate. Illustrious stars like Kangana Ranaut chose to blast the bigwigs of the industry through her video, claiming that it was a deliberate attempt by the outsiders to force Sushant to resort to this tragic fate.

Sekhar Suman in fact, created a board to accommodate people who were underpinning the requests of a CBI probe to check that whether it was just suicide for the MS Dhoni actor or were there any kind of external or internal sources that triggered this sad affair.

Recently with the release of Dil Bechara on the Hotstar platform, people were once again overwhelmed with the fact that how talented was Sushant and how incredible were his movies. Much to the woe of the actor, it took the audience an entire life to realize his potential.

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Now to make things a bit interesting, Dr Subramanian Swamy, an MP and a PhD in Economics decided to pen a letter to the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi in order to ensure that the united pleas of so many people across the country don’t fall on deaf ears.

A Twitter user called Ishkaran Singh Bhandari tweeted, “This was the letter written by

@Swamy39 on 15th July to Hon’ble PM Modi.”


In fact, going by his next tweet, the PM also acknowledged the letter. He cited, “PM Modi has acknowledged the letter written by Dr @Swamy39 for CBI investigation into mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput!”


Though it ain’t certain that whether a CBI probe will be called or not for the same, Indian audience is hellbent on the fact that a proper and a detailed investigation must be launched in order to flush out the criminals who have played a cheap role in snuffing out the life force of Sushant.

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PM Narendra Modi Has Acknowledged The Letter For CBI Inquiry

PM Narendra Modi Has Acknowledged The Letter For CBI Inquiry


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