Did You Know? Ramanand Sagar Read These ‘Many Versions’ of Ramayan Before Making Ramayan –


One of blockbuster epic, Ramayan has won hearts in the past as well as in the present . Amidst this lockdown period , the decision of re-telecasting the old serials , of which Ramayan took the front seat and bagged a lot of praises and TRP , which was higher than even the American shows like Game Of Thrones and Big Bang Theory.

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As Ramanand Sagar was a big director , he used to travel for making films and otherwise too. He had an aim in life , he wanted that people should know the efforts and the great persona of Lord Ram . So when he was in Switzerland , while sitting in a cafe , he thought of making Ramayan .It was the year 1967.

But , do you guys know that before making such a superhit epic , Ramanand Sagar did a lot of research and he ended up reading 14 versions of the Mythology and it’s a clear cut fact that the Ramayan directed under Ramanand Sagar in the year 1987, is the best one till date . All characters held a special place not only in the show but in the heart of the audience too.

Ramayan Ramanand Sagar Court case: Ramanand Sagar Faced Many Court ...

Actor Sunil Lahri also stated, in an interview that Ramanand Sagar was the coolest director ,he ever worked with. His direction was awesome and with that huge cast , he was never under-pressure. He also added that many times , Doordarshan officials used to get worried as they knew that if a telecast was missed, it would result in huge protests and chaos.

Ramayan Ramanand Sagar Court case: Ramanand Sagar Faced Many Court ...

The decision of re- telecast of Ramayan proved to be a relish for the actors too as they are in talks for all their great performances.

दूरदर्शन के बाद अब स्टार प्लस पर ...

Now channel StarPlus is also following the footsteps of Doordarshan by re-telecasting the great mythological series.



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