Congress Calls ‘Weakest Prime Minister’ To Narendra Modi, Anupam Kher Gives Befitting Reply –


One of the ace actor Anupam Kher has a special place in the hearts of his fans . He has that positive aura and firm words that people actually loves to listen him .

We all know that actor Anupam Kher is always in favour of the present running government. He always put his thoughts on the micro-blogging site twitter and keeps on hitting hard , the trolls who are anti-BJP.

Chhattisgarh with INC - Posts | Facebook

This time , Kher has slammed INC Chhattisgarh . In this lockdown period , the social media handles of INC have been busy putting up questions and criticizing the work of the present government of BJP and PM Modi . INC Chhatisgarh took to their social media and tried to disrespect the PM .

In the tweet , it was written that PM Modi is one of the weakest Prime Minister. The tweet reads: “नरेंद्र मोदी अब तक के सबसे कमज़ोर प्रधानमंत्री हैं।

Checkout the tweet below:

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As soon as the comment was posted , it broke the internet being viral and all BJP supporters took a step forward to give a befitting reply to INC. They slammed the opposition party brutally.

Anupam Kher laughs out loud at Chhattisgarh Congress' tweet ...

Among many , actor Anupam Kher also took the sarcastic jibe and wrote that the joke posted by INC does not even fit for the Fool’s day ie. April 1st.

His tweet reads: “चल….. झूठे कहीं के!! ये जोक तो 1st April वाले दिन भी फ़िट नहीं बैठता।”

Here, check out the tweet of Anupam Kher:

On this note , let’s have a look at some more tweets :

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