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One of the most controversial case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is under the authentic organisation of the nation called CBI. Where on one hand there are several speculations behind the suspicious death of an ace actor , on the other hand , Rhea Chakraborty is constantly being the target of Sushant’s fans. With all the opinions , it’s been said that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was guiding Rhea to move on from Sushant’s life .

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With the past viral photographs, netizens slammed actor Rhea Chakraborty and film-maker Mahesh Bhatt for being cozy and many said that their relationship is far ahead than just a director and an actor.

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Meanwhile , the daughter of director Bhatt, Alia Bhatt took to her Instagram account and posted, ” When I was younger I would kiss my dad on his forehead before going off to school and after every kiss he would say “ Aaaaaah .. light aa gayi. I might have not fully understood what it meant back then.. but because of his response I understood that light has wayyyyyy more depth than just illuminating our lives.
Light means so much. It’s hope, beauty, strength.. today it was unity.. But no matter where we are and what we are going through we must always try and keep the light within us alive”.

Have a look at her post below:

Another chat between Rhea Chakraborty and Mahesh Bhatt went viral which was slammed as nothing but forward messages by Mahesh Bhatt’s elder daughter Pooja Bhatt.

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She took to Twitter, claiming, “Interestingly,the message @IndiaToday refers to as ‘most explosive revelation’ is a message that my father also sent me & countless other people on his phone list on the same day(June 9) & subsequently posted on Twitter as well (26-6-2020) get your facts right @IndiaToday

Checkout her tweet below:

When the Bhatt camp members are all standing in unity, Sushant’s fans have made it very clear to dislike all the movies of star-kids and curbing nepotism.They proved it as Sadak 2 trailer, making it one of the most hated videos of all time. They have also started requesting the people about not watching Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie Road 2.

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