8 Times When Bollywood Stars Played Prank On Their Fans –


A person becomes a celebrity only when he has a crazy brigade of fans. And when in India, this unique love for our stars knows no bounds. After all, we’re a country where temples have been dedicated to celebrate the ‘godliness’ of Bollywood stars. However, the fact of the matter remains, stars are also regular people and they love it when fans show their love and affection towards them.

It’s refreshing to see some stars who choose to be more down-to-earth than they need to be. From surprises to disguises, these celebrities know just how to get on our good sides. We have very few of them and the ones we do are, in fact, collaborations with a brand they’re associated with or for film promotions. However, the result of all of them is pure magic.

Fans can go to lengths to get their favourite stars to notice them and it’s unexpectedly kind to see fans notice that.

1- Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor dressed up as a Renault car salesman and showed an unsuspecting couple around their latest car. He did this for the brand, Cars and Bikes.

2- Ajay Devgn

Ajay met a few of his superfans for the promotion of his movie, Shivaay. The fans had no idea he was going to show up and the video even have BTS of them exclaiming why they love Ajay.

3- Shah Rukh Khan

As a part of Visit Dubai initiative, the Badshah of Bollywood surprised many fans at a number of locations–from the Burj Al Arab diner to joggers at the local beach. We’d sure like to be served dinner by SRK himself!

4- Virat Kohli

Virat has done a few of these collabs with different brands. For these two collabs, he goes to a mall where he gives out free energy drinks to his fans and visits a kids shelter in Kolkata as Santa Claus.

5- Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh took to the streets of Mumbai, in dead-ass traffic, in a Krrish costume to pull out some dance moves and meet his fans.

6- Anil Kapoor

As a part of the Being Indian campaign, Anil Kapoor surprised an entire family of superfans who had no idea what to expect. They all were left in shock when the actor casually strolls into their home.

7- Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam

For the promotions of Uri, Vicky and Yami pranked a fan from Bandra through their stint at Radio Mirchi. They go all the way–making the poor guy fall for their threats and scares.

8- Sonu Nigam

As a part of a Being Indian prank, Sonu Nigam dressed up like a homeless person and sat on the streets of Mumbai with a harmonium and sang as though he didn’t know what talent was.



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