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We all have to work to earn a livelihood. Sometimes we end up having those jobs, we have the least interest in, thus leading a stressful life. But if you land a job you really love, it will never feel like work. But love won’t necessarily pay the bills or pay off loans. So how do you find a job that’s a blast and provides a good salary?

Here are the 10 coolest jobs that you’ll love to do.

1- Beer taster

Job description: If you fancy yourself as a bit of a beer connoisseur then this could quite possibly be the job for you. You have to taste beer, write about beer, judge beer, put a value on the beer for the sellers, and ultimately, drink beer all day long.

Salary: $42,000 per year.

2- Waterslide tester

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Job description: Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? This job might just be for you. The job involves riding and rating the company’s water chutes in exotic locations. You’ll then rate each slide based on the amount of “splash” and “adrenaline rush”. Obviously way better than being stuck in a cubicle.

Salary: $25,000 per year

3- Private island caretaker

00 32 11 island caretaker

Job description: If you love the sun and the beach, then this is the job for you. Your daily activities include snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, writing about your experiences on a blog, and photo journals about the island. Some basic housekeeping & maintenance skills are also required.

Salary: Up to $300,000 per year.

4- Professional sleeper

00 32 09 sleeping proffession

Job description: All the time sleeping in school has been preparing you for this job: a professional sleeper. Your job just requires you to sleep in and just give your feedback. You will have to review the mattress and give suggestions about changes that can be made.

Salary: $15,000 per year

5- Netflix tagger

00 32 05 nwtflix tagger 700x511 1

Job description: Netflix employs people called taggers who have are part-time employers that get paid to watch TV shows and movies on the streaming. You will have to tag them with the genre, actors involved, and other multiple points. This helps Netflix to improve their algorithm and recommend users according to their interests. Netflix and Chill! Could possibly be the coolest job in the world?

Salary: A few hundred dollars per week.

6- Vacation pro

00 32 03 vacation pro

Job description: If you love traveling and don’t have much money to go to places, then this job is definitely for you. To avoid any problems for the people who pay for services, tourism companies hire professionals who help them in improving all the things that can be experienced during a vacation.

Salary: $20,000 per year

7- Chocolate/Candy reviewer

00 32 00 chocolate taster

Job description: Getting paid a shed-load of money to taste and judge chocolate… Who wouldn’t love this job? But you should have complete knowledge of the textures that chocolates and candies have.

Salary: $60,000 per year

8- Seat filler

00 31 58 seat filler

Job description: A seat filler is a person who fills in an empty seat during an event to make it look to the television audience as if there is not an empty seat in the house. You could be sitting next to a celebrity! Many non-disclosure agreements are signed so that you don’t share the information outside and you won’t be allowed to talk to the celebrities beside you.

Salary: $0. Seat fillers don’t usually get compensation but you do get bragging rights and at least a free meal!

9- Live stream eater

00 31 55 live stream eater 700x529 1

Job description: Turn on your computer, go online, eat, get paid. That is all. Popular in South Korea, live-stream eaters would often consume large quantities of food for hours, eating as loudly and savory as they can. They would also be required to engage with the online audience.

Salary:  $9,000 per month, depending on popularity.

10- Chief shopping officer

00 31 52 chief shopping officer shopback ph 700x395 1

Job description: To spent a certain amount of money within a month to purchase products using certain online services. You would also be required to upload an entertaining public video each week that showcases the process behind the purchase.

Salary: $4000 per month

Unfortunately, these jobs are also very (very) difficult to get (because they’re rare and everyone wants them)! Who knows, if you try hard enough and keep your fingers crossed, you may just score one of these cool jobs! 



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