Zareen Khan Raises Logical Questions on Sushant’s De@th, Netizens Agree With Her –


Zareen Khan: Biker dies after ramming into actress Zareen Khan's car

Post the sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood is much questionable for various things . From nepotism to mocking and the neglected behaviour towards the actor has raised many questions .

When several actors are expressing their feelings , even actor Zareen Khan penned some thoughts and all the questions in her mind .

Zareen Khan Raised Too Many Questions After Sushant Singh Rajput ...

She took to her twitter handle and wrote all the questions beginning with the word why, as she sought to understand the reason behind why things were the way they were.

She asked numerous questions, from why it takes a person’s death to appreciate their worth, and why people couldn’t people appreciate them ,when they were alive. Why people comment and have opinions on other people’s lives when this shouldn’t concern them at all. She questioned why people with high IQs tend to be identified as mentally ill or unstable, and why we all seek validation through social media, whether it is praises for our achievements and happy moments, or empathy for our sad ones.

She also questioned , why the world has become such a cruel place that people have sensationalized the death of a fellow actor, and sought publicity and money from it.

Have a look at her post below:

Here is how Tweeples reacted to Zareen’s Tweet ….



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