When An Indian Journaist Called A Pakistani Pannelist ‘BC’ On Arnab Goswami’s Show


Fights, emotion, drama, anything can happen during the live debate show on Arnab Goswami’s show. Like it or not, but Arnab Goswami’s show never fails to entertain us. From Arnab screaming at his guests to the guests doing all the ‘nautankis’ and dramas, Arnab’s show is very entertaining, keeping all the controversial things aside.

As the news channels are watched by the people of all ages, we haven’t really seen anyone crossing their lines and using abusive words on-air. However, as we said anything can happen on Arnab’s show, an Indian journalist had abused a Pakistani panelist on the show.

Lately, an old video from Arnab Goswami’s show has gone viral on social media which features Indian journalists named Sushant Sareen and Pakistan’s panelist Qamar Cheema. The video, which has been shared by a twitter user named Anand Ranganathan, is from the year 2017, however, it has now resurfaced on social media because of all the hilarious reasons.

In the video, Sushant Sareen and Qamar Cheema are in the middle of a conversation, where Cheema is talking about how India has never released any statement on peace between the two countries. As the conversation goes ahead, the two gets indulge in a heated argument and suddenly, Cheema calls the Indian panelist a ‘Gaaenda’ (rhinoceros) and a stupid man.

After this, something happened that had really never happened on a news debate. Sushant Sareen said: “Tu kya hai b*ha*c*od”

Sharing the video, the twitter user pointed out at the best part of the video, which was the sheepish smile of Arnab Goswami after Sushant Sareen abused Qamar Cheema. The twitter user wrote:

That Mona Lisa smile of Arnab at the end, upon hearing, for the first time in Indian television history, the magic words, uttered by the legend that is @sushantsareen”

Here, check out the tweet:

You can read the transcript of the whole conversation here:

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this hilarious incident:

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