When A 82-Yr-Old Fan Asked to Watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil Drops a Heart-Winning Reply –


The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most-loved shows on Indian Television. The comedy show has been making people laugh and smile even in the toughest situations and is adored and enjoyed by people of all ages. From youngsters to elderly people, everyone is a fan of Kapil and his fantastic show. Many times fans have expressed their love and expressed gratitude to Kapil for bringing a smile on their faces.

Recently, Kapil came across an 82-year-old fan of the comedy show. A Twitter user shared a picture of his 82-year-old grandmother who recently got discharged from a hospital and the first thing she did was to watch was some episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show. 

The tweet read, “My 82YO grandmother just got back from the hospital and all she asked to watch was @KapilSharmaK9‘s show.These are the kind of blessings you can’t buy with money. Thank You, sir”

Touch and overwhelmed by this beautiful gesture, Kapil was quick enough to reply expressed his gratitude towards the elderly woman. He tweeted, “Pls give my regards to ur daadi ji. may god bless her with good health n happiness. #gratitude”

The show has helped people laugh together and imbibe positive vibes and smiles. Kapil Sharma’s one-liners and punchlines never fail in spreading positivity and happiness around.

Meanwhile, there were some reports that suggested that The Kapil Sharma Show would start shooting from June 24, 2020. However, Bharti Singh dismissed reports of the show starting soon and said that Kapil isn’t keen on beginning shoot anytime soon and he has requested the artists and the production house to wait at least till June 30. She added that nobody is willing to risk the life of any staff member or anyone else.

Talking about the same, Bharti said that the team has not been informed by the production house as of now. She also said that if the production team decided to start the shoot then she will be the happiest person as she wants to go back on the sets.



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