Twitterati Trolled Rajdeep Sardesai For Objecting To Police Investigation In SSR’s Case


Sushant Singh Rajput left us on June 14 by hanging himself at his residence. The young actor’s death has been speculated for so many reasons and the death has felt like a personal loss for so many. According to the protocol, the Mumbai police took his body for post mortem for further reports on his death. Maharashtra CM, Anil Deshmukh took to his Twitter handle and posted his concern on the death by angling on the “profession rivalry” and it was not just a case of clinical depression. He has also probed the Mumbai police to look into this matter as well.

Looking at this veteran journalist extended his objection to the CM. As per him, this is the result when the government does “too much social media” this is what happens without much thinking going into statements released like this. He pleaded that Mumbai police should be left alone to do their work, let the actor rest in peace and his family to mourn the loss.

“So Mumbai police will now investigate whether Bollywood rivalry led to Sushant Singh Rajput tragic suicide! This is what happens when govts watch too much social media. Let him rest in peace, his family mourn quietly without noise of twitter/insta wars! Good night, shubhratri.”


This post, however, received him a backlash by a police officer named Pranav Mahajan where he said that “law mandates the cause of the death to be ascertained”. He added by asking Sardesai to stop blaming the police or the government and he is just being plain hypocritical.

“What’s logic of ur tweet @sardesairajdeep? Why blame govt or Mumbai Police? A person has died. Law mandates the cause of death to be ascertained. Saying ‘Shubhratri’ after a misleading & provocative tweet is hypocritical #SushantSinghRajput’s family deserves to know how he died”

IPS officer Arun Bothra also shared some sort of the same view where he cynically rebuked the journalist. He asked if the family of the deceased should rather listen to conclusions dropped by newsreaders or let the police do their work.

Sardesai changed sides and replied to Pranav Mahajan:

“Because the govt wants police to investigate this angle based on media reports and mindless speculation! Let the Mumbai police do their job.. the truth may well turn out to be drastically different to the slanderous angles being pushed..”

All the foul plays and sudden concerns of Bollywood as made one thing clear that nobody cared about the outsider till he was no more.

We can only hope the mystery gets a concrete conclusion soon and the substantial results will actually creating awareness about the whole situation that shook us bad for the last 2 days.




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Twitterati Trolled Rajdeep Sardesai For Objecting To Police Investigation In


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