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A few weeks back , video related to Baba Ka Dhaba was posted on Gaurav Wasan’s YouTube channel who is a Swad Official. The video demonstrated the predicament of an older couple who earn their bread and butter from their food stall in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. However, due to pandemic and lockdown their pay diminished to nil and they were actually worried about their finances.

Baba Ka Dhaba controversy: Blogger Gaurav Wasan refutes 'fraud' allegations - it s viral - Hindustan Times

The video additionally embraced an assortment of food prepared by the old couple like matar paneer, blended dal, rice, parathas, soya curry, and so on that were available at reasonable costs at the dhaba. In the video, the old proprietor Kanta Prasad was likewise observed sobbing that he probably won’t make due without assistance. Referring to this, Gaurav Wasan referenced the area of their dhaba and asked individuals to visit . He also appealed to the individuals who can’t come by can donate online.

In no time, the video broke all the records online. Comments started pouring from all the corners of the nation . Even Bollywood celebrities like Ranveena Tandon, Sonam Kapoor, Randeep Hooda shared the video asking their fans to help the couple. Delhi residents came out in support of the dhaba owners and flocked the eatery to increase their income. Food delivery giants like Swiggy and Zomato also took immediate steps to help their food get delivered to people who cannot come to the dhaba personally.

Who is Gaurav Wasan? All about the food blogger who made #BABAKADHABA viral

Huge amount of donations came pouring from individuals and different associations. This started an expectation among individuals that these liberal gifts will enable the couple to mitigate their money related emergency.

baba ka dhaba scam

Everything was going so smooth till a YouTuber Lakshay Chaudhary asserted while posting a video revealing that the cash which was collected for the sake of Baba Ka Dhabha never reached at the older couple. He did make people aware that how Gaurav capitalized on the exposure and got rid of the cash gathered by him as a piece of pledge drive for the couple. In the meeting, the proprietor Kanta Prasad conceded that he has so far not got even a single penny from the gifts gathered by Gaurav for the sake of Baba Ka Dhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba controversy: Blogger Gaurav Wasan refutes 'fraud' allegations - it s viral - Hindustan Times

This implies that Gaurav Wasan who ran an online campaign in the name of Baba Ka Dhaba did not transfer the collected funds to Kanta Prasad. Lakshay also pointed out that Gaurav deliberately furnished his own bank details instead of Kanta Prasad’s bank details to launder the money collected via donations.

Gaurav Wasan Swad Official scam

Another charge leveled by Lakshay claims that Gaurav announced just Rs. 2.25 lakhs of sum amassed by his pledge drive , anyway before the video became a web sensation he had just figured out how to accumulate Rs. 1.75 lakhs for the Dhaba. This implies that simply Rs. 40,000-50,000 was given when the video became a web sensation, which implies that there is something that doesn’t make any sense.

Kanta Prasad disclosed to Lakshay Chaudhary, “I have not received any donation online. I have received financial assistance in the form of cash. I have even received donation made by Amitabh Bachchan. But besides this, I have received no other online donations,”

He further added, “I was being instructed by Gaurav to not share my bank details with anyone. Since the video went viral, I gave my mobile phone to Sushant. Gaurav has not given me any money, either in cash or online. Whatever he has collected, he is having it with him. Also, my bank account has been frozen.”

Finishing the video, Lakshay Chaudhary emphasized that Gaurav Wasan should reveal the most recent passbook subtleties of his record in which he has urged cash for the sake of Baba Ka Dhaba can get a clean chit.

Many Twitter users also made some serious allegations against Gaurav Wasan

Have a look at some below:

Meanwhile, Gaurav Wasan came up with the statement which reads : “People who are asking for proof aren’t wrong in doing so, and I will put out all proofs necessary. These allegations have been made only to pull me down, there is no truth in them! I’ll soon be uploading all the evidences, and then people can themselves decide.”

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