Tweets Asking For Help To Sonu Sood Goes Missing, Netizens Calls Actor As The ‘Biggest Scam of 2020’ –


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been in the news ever since the coronavirus lockdown began for helping migrant workers reach home and providing food and jobs to the needy people.

His Twitter account played an active role as he received thousands of help requests on the microblogging platform and timely help was provided to the needy by his team. He made headlines every time he replied to a random user and said that help will reach through his team.

Now, the actor has been labelled as the ‘biggest scam of 2020’ by a section of netizens, after the tweets of people asking Sonu for help went ‘missing’. Many users said it to be a publicity stunt for him to enter politics in the near future.

Below are some of the reactions:

However, Sonu Sood, during an interview, had said that he is not interested in entering politics at the moment, as he still has miles to go as an actor.



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