This Marwari couple’s fitness transformation will even leave you astonished –


We all love to read a good transformation story. Don’t we? And this is definitely one of those extremely motivating ones which will force you to get your ass back on the treadmill.

Meet 40-year-old Aditya Sharma and his wife Gayatri Sharma, who not only changed their physique incredibly but also stand as an inspiration to many. Aditya weighed 72 kgs and Gayatri 62 kgs, when they kicked off their journey to ‘fitness’.

Aditya, who belonged to a Marwari family made the decision to follow a different diet and lifestyle in order to shed a few kgs. But his family members were upset with his schedule. Speaking about the same, he said,

“Initially, it was very hard to convince my family members as every mother wants to feed her son good food and can’t see him starving or refraining from having delicacies that she has cooked for him.”

His decision was also rooted in the fear of high blood pressure and diabetes, that ran in the family. While he was always conscious about his physique, he decided to bring about a change when his shirts did not fit him properly.

In a bid to improve his physique, he dedicated the next three months to vigorous exercise and nutritious food. While Aditya was slowly moving closer to his dreams, he was also mocked by outsiders for his steps. But, that did not affect him at all. He continued his fitness journey with the same zest and zeal.

Within months he lost  20 kgs and his body fat phenomenally decreased to just 8%. After successfully losing the excess fat, he concentrated on developing lean muscles and abs. Upon witnessing his unbelievable progress, people started taking advice from him.


While the world turned against him and his dreams, it was his wife Mrs Gayatri Sharma who acted as a constant motivation for Aditya. Not only did she support him but also trained with him to transform her own.

Guided by Aditya himself, she lost 11 kgs in just 3 months and gave herself a 25-inch waistline. Of course, the mother of two had to give up on her sweet cravings for the same.

This Marwari couples fitness transformation will even leave you astonished.cms

Gayatri did not give up on her daily household chores to focus on her workout schedule rather balanced her life in a way that she was able to do everything. Moreover, she also completed her nutrition expert course from a renowned institute.

And now, they both are professional nutrition consultants and offer online classes to their clients, with Gayatri playing a pivotal role in handling clients and making diet plans.


When asked about diet, Aditya told that they restricted himself to paneer and soya chunks for breakfast and lunch. And for dinner, they would have rice with paneer. On cheat days they would eat anything they like, without restricting themselves. Aditya also focused on the importance of multivitamins as a part of supplements.


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The couple works out for six days in a week, focusing on two body parts every day. They do abs workout on every alternate day.


After their jaw-dropping transformation, the couple aims to help others in achieving their dreams of getting fit by venturing more into the fitness sector. They also plan to start their own supplements chain.


“There is no easy way to lose fat and you are bound to face struggles. But you need to be patient and continue working on your body, tirelessly. Discipline, dedication and hard work along with consistency were the salient features of my successful transformation. If I can, you can surely do the same,” Aditya signs off.



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