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If you were a teenager hooked to Indian television in the late 90s or early 2000s, there’s no way you haven’t watch CID. CID’s first episode was aired back in 1998, and I can’t remember a time when Daya wasn’t breaking doors and ACP Pradyuman wasn’t taking the most bizarre decisions an ACP (any ACP) has ever taken. Everything about CID was legendary stuff.

Though the show went off air in 2018 after completing 1500 episodes, it’s still one of the most iconic shows to come out of Indian television. 

Besides the show, the CID team was also iconic. With dialogues like kuch toh gadbad hai and daya darwaaza todo, the dream team made their way into our hearts.

Here’s a look back at all the famous people on CID and what they are doing now.

1- Shivaji Satam

The iconic character of ACP Pradyuman in CID was played by Shivaji Satam. The audience still remembers his dialogues and catchphrases. He may have grown older, but his character is still legendary. He continues to work in many Hindi and Marathi films and TV shows.

2- Dayanand Shetty

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Dayanand Shetty played the role of Senior Inspector Daya in the show. He was known on the show for his muscle power and iconic, ‘Daya Darwaza Tod Do’. Over the years, he has been a part of many commercials, reality shows and has also worked as a theater artist. Currently, he is a part of the CIF-Crime Investigation Force show.

3- Aditya Srivastava 

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Aditya Shrivastava played the character of Senior Inspector Abhijeet. He was known for his intense portrayal and sometimes awkward flirting with Dr. Tarika on the show. Over the years, he has acted in many films like Satya, Gulaal, Lakshya, Paanch, Black Friday, Kaalo, Super 30, etc.

4- Dinesh Phadnis

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Dinesh Phadnis is best known for his portrayal of Inspector Fredricks, aka Freddy on CID. He is famous for his witty and comical dialogues on the show. He has even written for some episodes of CID. Not just that, Phadnis has acted for Bollywood films and also written scripts for Marathi movies. 

5- Narendra Gupta

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The forensic expert, Dr. Salunkhe was played by Narendra Gupta. Without his help no cases could have been solved. Besides that, he worked in Bollywood films like Tu Chor Main Sipahi, Udaan. Currently, he is also a part of the CIF show.

6- Shraddha Musale

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The role of charming Dr.Tarika, who was an assistant to Dr.Salunkhe was played by actress Shraddha Musale. Apart from CID, Shraddha has also been a part of Bollywood movies like All The Best, Khidki etc. She is also a model who keeps updating her fans with her stunning pictures.

7- Hrishikesh Pandey

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Hrishikesh Pandey played the role of Sachin on CID. Though he was quite serious in the show, Hrishkiesh with his acting skills has been able to impress the audience. Besides that, he is a very well-known face and has spent more than 12 years in the industry. He also got an offer down south, and did a cameo role in Dhai Akshar Prem Ke.

8- Ajay Nagrath

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Ajay Nagrath who played Pankaj in CID went through an amazing transformation and has become an inspiration for many. He was criticized and called a ‘couch potato’ and now underwent an amazing transformation. Besides that, he is also a part of Bollywood fraternity and has worked in movies like Pardes, Jab Harry Met Sejal etc.

9- Ansha Syed

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The role of the sharpshooter, Purvi was played by Ansha Syed. While she was a big part of the show, she still continues to win hearts by being a part of the Indian Television famous shows like CIF. She is also a fitness freak.

10- Janvi Chheda

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Janvi Chheda gained major popularity on the show with the role of Inspector Shreya. Apart from that, she worked in some other TV shows like Balika Vadhu, Maayka etc. She is currently on a sabbatical as she gave birth to a baby girl.



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