This 15 Year Old Boy Mukesh Is The New Social Media Star And Rightly So


Do you remember Salman Khan’s Chinkara case? Yes, the one in which he was acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in the year 2016. Something similar to that happened a few nights before but this time a brave act by a 15-year-old boy helped us get to know that such heinous acts by poachers is still a process, even amidst the lockdown. He and his friends fought the poachers with all their might but could not succeed. However, social media made him a hero overnight.

His story was made prominent by a remote NGO, which works at the grassroots level towards the protection of the environment in the western part of Rajasthan. It is the ERDS Foundation. They tweeted about this brave boy Mukesh Bishnoi. They even noted how he went to the nearest police station and filed a complaint against the poachers. According to this complaint, the statement is quoted-

Mukesh lives in Balesar village of Jodhpur. On the night of May 10, at around 8:30, he was standing near the village school with his two friends. Then he heard a loud sound of firing. All three immediately ran away in pursuit. I saw four men standing. One has chinkara in his hand, which is soaked with blood. Those men also had rifle 303. The four poachers tried to escape, Mukesh and his friends tried to stop them. Meanwhile, Mukesh snatched the rifle from a hunter, but all the hunters managed to escape.


Then Mukesh informed about the incident at Balesar police station. Complaint was also given in writing to the Regional Forest Officer. Told that they recognized two hunters, one of whom is Hemraj and the other is named Kanaram. But could not recognize the other two. Mukesh has appealed to the authorities to catch the poachers as soon as possible.

Listen to Mukesh as he describes the whole incident that happened:

Mukesh received a lot of praise from people after the ERDS Foundation tweeted about his courageous act.

Here are some tweets:

“Hats off to Mukesh Bishnoi. Bishnoi community has always been at forefront to protect and save wildlife from poachers. Appreciate their bravery and grit.”

“Great job by Mukesh. Hope somehow he can come to know how people from the entire country are proud of him.”

“Wow!!! Hats off to the Kiddos, for taking it up on themselves for fighting poachers. Great job, and hope he gets well rewarded to continue doing good work towards saving wildlife”

“Wow,well done.A timely act done in time,is priceless,and that’s the exact example which Mukesh has set,to always be alert and tackle wrong doers.Hope the culprits are soon caught.”

We hope he gets our PM’s attention and receives the recognition he deserves!


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This 15 Year Old Boy Mukesh Is The New Social


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