These are The 5 Best & Worst Indian Series On Amazon Prime –


Web series are the new in now a days . Amidst this pandemic , the demand of the web channels is on the peak. But the series played on these channels are also a hit or a flop .

Today, we are presenting some of the web series, which were hit and also those which unfortunately did not prove that much.

Let’s have a look:


The top spot of the best Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video had to be taken by none other than Mirzapur. This gritty thriller’s plot will have you on the edge of your seat all along. It’s cliffhanger will make you constantly google announcements regarding the second season. From Pankaj Tripathi to Divyendu, Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massey, each and every member of Mirzapur’s cast have delivered stunning performances. And in case you’ve missed it so far, Abhishek Banerjee, who is better known as Hathoda Tyagi is also a part of this show. If you still somehow haven’t seen this gangster Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video that is set in the heart of UP, you must watch it now.


With that script of the elite people of the society , Made in Heaven actually proved to be a classy, sassy and a great show. The series is about the ugly side of marriages, while also touching upon various new topics with every episode.


Paatal Lok is one of the best ever made crime based series . Each and every character has that relevance which makes audience go more curious with every episode . From the character of Hathi Ram Chaudhary to Vishal Tyagi and how can we forget Ansari , they all are enough to make the show a super-hit one. If you haven’t seen it , it’s all worth , I must say…


There is no way any Indian is unaware of our obsession with cricket and politics. Inside Edge, which was the first Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video to ever be aired, combines both these passions in the dirtiest way possible. It is almost based on IPL and gives you an inside look into the underlying dark and corrupt world of cricket. Featuring Richa Chadha, Angad Bedi and Vivek Oberoi in pivotal characters, it was this show that gave MC Sher aka Siddhant Chaturvedi his big break.


Espionage thrillers are a guilty pleasure and this one has a cool spin on it. It tells the story of a spy, played by the legendary Manoj Bajpayee, whose family believes he is a simple government employee and thus fail to understand his hectic lifestyle. While we always have the James Bond perception of spies, this one adds a dose of reality.

5 worst Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video


While this show has been hugely successful with the platform’s audiences, it isn’t our favourite among all the great Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video. The first reason for that is because the concept is way too similar to Sex and the City. Some of the scenarios in the show are straight up cringe-y. But our biggest bone to pick with this series is that despite having a second season, there was no character growth in any of the characters on screen.


Are you even surprised by this? If Roadies and Splitsvilla had a baby, it would be Skulls & Roses. Not to mention it is the brainchild of Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, this Indian TV series on Amazon Prime Video is the equivalent of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. However, the one good thing that comes out of watching Skulls & Roses is that feeling that makes you believe that you may be messed up in life, but at least you aren’t a reality show contestant.


When we first heard of this show, we absolutely loved the idea of comedians training non comedians to perform a stand-up set. However, upon watching this show, all our expectations fell flat because of the lack of comedy. As far as comedy is concerned, you’re way better off watching Comicstaan or creator Sapan Varma’s own stand-up that will make you actually LOL.


Mini Mathur and Cyrus are one of the ace actors in the world of comic acting . When it is said that team work makes anything strong , it’s a true saying . But apart from these two actors , none was able to perform that well in the series called Mind The Malhotras..Based on the everyday family life, similar to Sarabhai vs Sarabhai or Khichdi, this series was made up with that bent of mind but it didn’t do any wonders.


It’s all about the content and then the star-cast . With this show named Going Viral Pvt Ltd . on the Amazon Prime , they did opposite , I guess . Despite of the great performers, which includes Kunal Roy Kapur, Kubbra Sait and Prabal Panjabi, this show couldn’t be saved. That forcible laugh and acting made it intolerable, even though this show had special appearances from celebrities like Biswa Kalyan Rath and Sumukhi Suresh. 



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