These 9 Epic Performances by Manoj Bajpayee Proves that He Can Create Magic With any Given Role


One of the ace actor of Indian film industry is Manoj Bajpayee . He is the recipient of 2 National and 4 Filmfare awards. In the year 2019 , he was awarded with the Padma-Shree for his contribution to the art.

He is one of the versatile actor , who has proven himself at the authenticity of his role and the character he played.

Today , we are making our readers recall about the great characters he played and which put him in the good books of the audience.

Let’s have a look:

1. Bhiku Mhatre in Satya

Manoj Bajpyaar in Satya

One of the unforgettable role of Manoj Bajpayee was in the film Satya and made him earn his first ever National Film Award, bringing him into the limelight. Bhiku Matre proved to be the character ,which Bajpayee did intensely . The character Bhiku Mhatre was the soul of a film that was an ode to the Mumbai underworld as ‘Mumbai ka king, Bhiku Mhatre’.

2. Sameer A. Purnavale in Kaun?

Manoj Bajpyaee in Kaun

One of Bollywood’s initials as psychological horror, Kaun?  a Ram Gopal Verma’s film , saw a decidedly unsettling Bajpayee as Sameer. It proved to be the most intense thrillers ever. As an annoying and unwanted house guest, Manoj did a fabulous role.

3. Prof. Ramchandra Siras in Aligarh

Manoj in Aligarh

Bajpayee’s performance in the movie was appreciable as it lived the audience emotions . His unforgettable performance as Professor Siras and his struggles in the biopic Aligarh , leaves the audience deeply affected .It is hard to imagine anyone else than Bajpayee mastering the role of Prof. Ramcharand Siras.

4. Maharaja Vijayendra Singh in Zubeidaa

Zubeidaa poster

One of the best role played by Bajpayee was in the movie Zubaidaa. Bajpayee’s royal character as Maharaja Vijayendra Singh is still on people’s mind .As a young prince, Manoj Bajpayee did the fabulous role which was a perfect mix of grace, authority, and youthful ambition.

5. Veerendra Pratap in Raajneeti

Raajneet Manoj Bajpayee

A political thriller-drama, inspired by the epic mythology Mahabharata, movie Raajneeti had it all. Bajpayee’s character (inspired by Duryodhan) offered a cunning brand of evil which was rooted in a misguided sense of denied justice. Bajpayee just hit the nail by his fab acting.

6. Sardar Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur series

Manoj Bajpayee GoW

That scary gangster Sardar Khan, played by Bajpayee was an extremely violent portrayal of revenge. The character was full of lust and involved in all the bad activities but ultimately returns to his family. Manoj again showed the audience that is best fit for the role.

7. Rashid in Pinjar

Pinjar Manoj Urmila

The movie based on the India-Pakistan partition was also in favour of Manoj as he did a fabulous job and people loved to watch him in the movie . The film also won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration.

8. Samar Pratap Singh in Shool

Manoj Bajpayee Shool

Shool turned out to be a hit for Manoj Bajpayee as, he did play the role so intensely. The violent and realistic story of a cop ,against the corrupt political system was worth watching . Not every actor can turn an understated performance into a work of art .

9. Babu in Road

Manoj Bajpayee

Bajpayee , played the character of villain Babu which is a memorable one as the psychopathic hitchhiker and he seemed to be the scariest villains of all time. In an entirely forgettable thriller starring Vivek Oberoi and Antara Mali in the lead roles, Bajpayee’s performance was the most rememberable one.

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With that great performance and many roles , Manoj Bajpayee has always done justice to his characters. We wish to see him more such characters and making audience fall for him.


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