Terence Lewis Posts a Open Letter On Viral Fake Video of Touching Nora Fatehi Inappropriately –


Choreographer Terence Lewis became the target of trolls after a morphed video of him allegedly brushing his hand against Nora Fatehi’s butt went viral. There were several memes doing the rounds on this and derogatory comments were passed on him. 

Soon, Terence shared a post on his Instagram, in which he indirectly explained the entire situation through a monk’s story. Though his Instagram post definitely responded to what was going on, no direct response was given.

Now, in a recent interview, the choreographer opened up about the whole fiasco. He said, 

“Honestly when I first saw the video, I did not bother much. The use of effects was so clearly visible, any intelligent person would see through it. In today’s times, there are memes made on every celebrity. It was a naughty memer at work, and I did not care. However, in a matter of four-five hours, I started getting trolled on social media. I got these hateful comments. Now, I have a very humble following of 1.5 million and my followers are very sensible and dignified. I have always seen the positive side of social media. The language being used by some was very derogatory. My fans started fighting with them supporting me. So, I decided to post that message about the Zen master. Why would I do something of that sort two weeks after shooting for a very intimate sequence with her? Thankfully, throughout my life, I have got enough love and attention from the opposite sex to not feel depraved. I have the highest respect for Nora Fatehi. That kind of thing would only tickle a 17-year-old. I am 45. There are many who do not introduce themselves as dancers before producers. However, Nora identifies herself as a dancer. It is a huge thing. Dancing is a craft, and it is very tough to be a good dancer. We spend so many years honing our craft. I truly identify with that sentiment of Nora Fatehi. Firstly, I am not raised that way. It would be professional harakiri. I am a guru. Parents trust me with their kids when they sent me to their class. There is no way I can betray the trust. Also, I have been a fitness trainer to so many actresses. Forget a bad touch, a woman can sense it if you have a bad eye. Contemporary dance involves a lot of intimacy. I would not have achieved any success if I had that kind of intent. It was a moment of reverence. There were four cameras around. Why would I do something of that sort when I know I am being covered from every possible angle. And you think Nora and I would be expressionless after such a thing. Any woman would react immediately to it. She is the most dignified person and instantly cleared it out on social media. Muddy waters are best avoided. I feel there is a trend amongst people to colour everyone in the same narrative. Sadly, I cannot do anything about it. I feel people right now are angry and disturbed. There is a wave of negativity. There is nothing like a third party, a woman vouching for you.”

Well, after Terence finally clarified the whole matter let’s hope the matter is put to rest now.



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