Swara Bhasker Condemns Shahrukh’s Character in DDLJ, Netizens Slams Her Massively –


Swara Bhasker agrees to Twitter user's opinion that Shah Rukh Khan's Raj in DDLJ was problematic, says 'we need to learn & change'

Hello people !! for those who are movie lovers and especially the romantic genre ,SRK movies are a must watch. One of the movie which has won hearts is none other than Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge. Now it’s been 25 years that the movie was released.

People celebrated the day as the nation’s favourite jodi Raj and Simran continue enjoying a cult following, 25 years on.

Swara Bhasker: Time of great difficulty and great hope - INDIA New England News

One of the social media user who was also enjoying the same is actor Swara Bhaskar. She took to her Twitter handle and shared some photos of Shah Rukh Khan’s character Raj and wrote, “Find a guy who looks at you the way Raj looks at Simran!!!! #DDLJ25.”

Have a look at her post :

As soon as she posted her thoughts , one of the social media user pointed some of the factors which he didn’t like about the movie and wrote : “Raj does the following to Simran: 1. Lie that he raped her as a joke. 2. Tears her clothes in public (accidentally, but who pulls a woman by the back of her dress anyway?) 3. Forces her to dance, and in the process gropes her and feels up her bareback Why do women love creeps?”

Checkout the post:

Swara responded to this post and started criticizing Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the film. In her tweet, she wrote, : “Sadly u r are right.. I mean about what all Raj does. This is precisely the power of #Bollywood, right? It makes stalking seem romantic. And we all are influenced by it – sometimes in the form of nostalgia & sometimes despite our own best intentions. We all need to learn & change.

The post is below:

Making headlines is not a new thing for the Veere Di Wedding actor and this time too she was trending for calling out Raj from DDLJ and people started to troll her opinion.

Have a look at some of tweets :

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