Swara Bhaskar’s ‘Rasbhari’ Trailer Has Raised Eyebrows, This is How Swara’s Dad Reacted To It –


Actress Swara Bhasker’s latest web-series Rasbhari that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video has created an uproar on social media. The actress is being subjected to online shaming yet again! The series revolves around the story of a young man named Nand (played by Ayushman Saxena), who falls for his teacher Shanu (Swara). 

Sharing the trailer of the web series on her Instagram account, Swara wrote, “The ‘hot new teacher’ is a universal memory from our adolescence. Come relive that adolescent infatuation!”

Swara’s father Uday Bhaskar’s reacted to the teaser  and commented, “Bravo! Proud of you for your professional versatility…. small and big screens….”.

Reacting to his tweet, Swara wrote, “Daddy! Please don’t watch it when I am around.”

The reaction by Swara’s father didn’t go down well with netizens. They started trolling the actress after her father praised her for doing a film that has adult content.

Tweets like, “Wow! So the daughter is doing soft porn and the father feels proud!”, “Proud? Can’t understand for what?,” and so on followed.

A few users demanded a ban on such content, and others bid goodbye to Amazon subscription over it.

Some even compared Swara to former adult movie actress Mia Khalifa.

Lyrisist and Central Board of Film Certification chairman Prasoon Joshi also slammed the makers of Rasbhari for presenting irresponsible content in the web series. He stated, “Saddened by Web series #Rasbhari’s irresponsible content portraying a little girl child dancing provocatively in front of men drinking. Creators and audiences need to seriously rethink freedom of expression or freedom of exploitation? Let’s spare children in the desperate need for entertainment.”

To which, Swara clarified Prasoon how he misinterpreted the scene. She wrote, “With respect sir, I think you have misunderstood the scene. It’s exactly the opposite of how you have interpreted it. The child is dancing by her own choice, the father gets awkward and embarrassed about seeing it. The girl is simply dancing. She doesn’t know that society will sexualise her too. That’s all the scene is about.”

As we haven’t watched the series, so we are yet to figure what exactly the story is all about. But the recent trolling has proved that netizens are in no mood to miss out on an opportunity to criticise Swara.



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