Swara Bhaskar And Babit Phogat Involved In A Heated Exchange On Twitter


Indian wrestler Babita Phogat is in a lot of discussions these days about her statements for every right reason. However, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar decided to counter Babita on social media for her opinion on social media. Swara Bhaskar is one of the names who took place in several headlines for her controversial statements as most of her opinion followed to ‘Anti-Modi’ perspective. In a recent incident, Babita Phogat accused the Islamic group, Tablighi Jamaat for spreading the coronavirus infection in one of her recent tweet and Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has also jumped in the field against her.

Swara made a tweet while trying to strangle Babita Phogat and she has also received a befitting reply. Swara had asked some questions to Babita in her tweet, though it was also written that she is also a fan of the wrestler. Swara shared data on Twitter, which tells how many people reached religious places in India between March 9-19. The actress tagged the wrestler in one of her tweet and wrote, “Babita ji, yeh statistics bhi dekhein. Kya inn lakhon bakhtgano ke Corona test hue hain? Kripya ispe bhi tippini dein. Aur Tabligi Jamaat ke program ko Delhi Police ne permission kyun di, yeh sawaal bhi uthayein. Baaki aapke fan to hum hain hi. (Babita Ji also see these statistics! Have these millions of devotees been Corona tested? Please comment on this too! And also raise a point why did the Delhi Police give permission for the religious program of Tabligi Jamaat! But, I will anyway be always your fan.)”.

In response, this 30-year-old Arjun Awarded woman wrestler tweeted, “My fan – my sister Swara Bhaskar! Sister… The rescue efforts and epidemic rescue efforts in our nation of 135 crores are continuing from the government. Lakhs of labourers from Delhi and Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Reached for, but why is Goth gathering at the forefront of spreading the corona infection ???”

The sports figure also tweeted about her view relate to this matter and wrote, “Before d trollers start their attack am here just as an Indian cos when I won medals for the country no one saw which religion I followed or which caste I belonged to, my win was celebrated by every Indian every time…pls let’s not divide our great country let’s stand united”

Star wrestler Babita Phogat had made a tweet about the Tablighi Jamaat in the past on the growing cases of Corona in India, which caused quite a stir. After this tweet, she is being trolled a lot on social media. Babita stayed strong on her statement and came clear in her reply to her critics by sharing a video and she said, “I tweeted a few days ago. Since then, some people have started messing up, abusing and threatening to call on social media. I am telling them to open your ears and listen and sit in your mind. I am not a narrator, who will sit at home after hearing your threats. I am Babita Phogat, have fought for the country and will keep fighting like this. Those who have trouble hearing the truth, those people should listen to one more thing that I will keep telling the truth and will keep writing the truth. If you do not like to hear the truth, either improve your habit or make a habit of listening to the truth”

In Swara Bhaskar’s tweet, the data she has given is before Janata curfew (March 22) and lockdown. The fact is that about two and a half thousand people were present in the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi after the announcement of the lockdown. On March 29, the Delhi Police team had evacuated Markaz by force. Since then, there have been reports from all parts of the country that the supporters of the Jamaat have abused the police and health workers. There was also stone pelting on the Corona Warriors in many cities of the country.

On April 15, Babita Phogat tweeted that Coronavirus is the second biggest problem in India. Jamati is still number one. After this tweet, there was an uproar and #Suspendbabitaphogat started happening on Twitter. Many followers and users also supported this point of Babita on Twitter.

Info and image source: talescart

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1588227291 566 Swara Bhaskar And Babit Phogat Involved In A Heated

1588227291 566 Swara Bhaskar And Babit Phogat Involved In A Heated


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