Sonu Sood Honored With Grand Size Statue At Durga Pandal In Kolkata, Actor Gives His Reaction –


Actor Sonu Sood became the ‘Messiah of Migrants’ after helping thousands of migrant workers reach their hometown amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

So to honour his service, a Durga puja committee in Kolkata decided to install a life-size statue of the actor in its pandal.

A life-size statue of Sonu Sood had been erected at the Keshtopur Prafulla Kanan Durga Puja in Kolkata.

In the pictures, Sonu’s status depicted him helping migrants return to their homes safely during the nationwide lockdown. His idol stands alongside a bus arranged by him for taking the migrants to their hometown.

Reacting to the statue, Sonu Sood said that this was his biggest award ever.

Sonu Sood was termed as a ‘real hero’ as he started arranging buses to help migrant workers and others reach their cities and hometown during the lockdown. Later, he also helped people travel through trains and flights.

Several other moving moments from the migrant crisis were also displayed at the pandal. 



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