Shatrughan Sinha Defends Nepotism & Supports Bollywood Mafia, Netizen Slams Him –


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Sushant’s unfortunate demise has proven that speaking up your emotions is much important and how friends and family are an essential factor and provides support . When nepotism debate is at it’s peak as SSR’s fans posted many videos related to the mocking of the star, many celebs were for and against this topic.

Let Sushant Singh Rajput rest in peace,” – Shatrughan Sinha ...

Meanwhile, Shatrughan Sinha called out people who have been ”dragging the issue unnecessarily”, as per reports. The actor said that he felt everyone had become Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend after his sudden death by suicide. Moreover, he said, people whom the late actor had never met have been speaking his mental health. Shatrughan Sinha reportedly urged everyone to stop offering their two-bits on him. He also asked people to ‘let Sushant Singh Rajput rest in peace’.

Shatrughan Sinha shared his views on the ongoing nepotism debate over Sushant Singh Rajput’s career and reportedly called it ‘irrelevant’.  He recalled the late actor had a successful career and said that he was never considered an outsider. The actor asserted that Bollywood welcomes stars from everywhere like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and does not discriminate. Furthermore, he said he wanted people to put a lid on the ‘absurd controversy’ of nepotism. He shared a few examples of stars such as Ayushmann Khurrana and Sidharth Malhotra, who became successful in Bollywood despite not having any familial connections with the industry. He concluded by saying that he did not know any of other industry in India, which is so welcoming except for Bollywood.

This is how netizens reacted to Shatrughan’s statement ….

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When a young and brilliant actor ends his life , the factors behind his suicide needs to be revealed. Demise of Sushant has made Bollywood questionable and things like nepotism, mocking and many more needs to be get sorted.



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