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A female is always been appreciated for her beauty ,unlike men .They say that when we think of a woman , she is the most elegant yet strong character , made by almighty . But the thing , which should not be seen with the specks of judgement , although it’s always the hot topic of discussion among the men is, figure of a woman.

The score which till now , was considered as the perfect in the context of figure is 36-24-36. But, according to the researchers of University Of Texas, their calculation has concluded that the ideal figure of a woman is 38-24-35 .

Now , in case you are wondering how a woman with this figure looks likes? then have a look at the picture below:

Scientists Say That This Woman Has The 'Most Attractive Figure' In The World; This Is How She Looks: Writers say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but Science says that it is in model, actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook. According to researchers at the University of Texas, Brook has the perfect figure in the world. So while the fashion industry might force you into believing that the perfect female body looks like 36-24-36, the scientists at the Texas University has done their share of research and calculation and concluded that the ideal figure of a woman is 38-24-35 that is bust-weight-hip measurement we are talking about. And in case you are wondering how a woman with this figure looks likes, then presenting to you the 34-year-old model from England Kelly Brooke

She is Kelly Brooks , the model from England.

The stats ,reveals that (according to researchers ) the height of a female should be 5’5”. She should have a bust-waist-hip measurement as 99-63-91cm and the point to be noted here is , it all should be natural and not the surgical one.

There have been many heated arguments , many a times about the perfect body of a female. The fashion models , which we see are almost skinny and tall ,which just conflicts the study of the researchers . So this research has been a bitter dose to many females, especially , who are related to the fashion and modelling idustry.

The gorgeous Brooks , has revealed the fact , that many a times she has faced that comment of ‘plump’ by the scouts of the fashion industry. Also, it depends on the public , the type of promotion and figure , they watch . Who knows , the next time , we would be discussing some different stats.

As Kelly Brook is the perfect example for this figure , I guess , she must be raising the temperature, of all the figure curious males. (wink).

Let’s have a look at some pictures of the lovely lady:


Here, according to science, the woman with the most perfect body ...

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Behold, the Woman With the Most Perfect Body According to Science!

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The Sexiest Woman, Kelly Brook

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On this note , we end our topic with this video below, which will definitely help all to figure out the figure thing.



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