Salman Khan Once Asked A.R Rahman “When Will You Work For Us?”, Rahman Gave An Insulting Reply –


Award shows, events and many more glamorous things are common in Bollywood industry. Many a times , the star celebs from music and film industry are invited for various formal and informal functions.

Same happened in an event from the past (2014), where the ace actor Salman Khan and the legendary music composer A R Rahman were invited. They both happened to share the stage. Director Kabir Khan and Political figure-lawyer Kapil Sibal were also present on the stage. During the event, Salman called Rahman as an average composer in a hilarious way. The comment didn’t go down well with Rahman.

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Again, after that Salman amusingly asked Rahman that when will he start composing for him? Upon this, Rahman was quiet for that particular moment. Post that ,Salman stepped for the handshake with Rahman but he didn’t respond to the same.

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When he was asked the same question by a reporter, Rahman gave a savage reply. While replying to the reporter, Rahman said that he’ll compose for Salman’s films only if the actor does the films he likes.

Well!! Rahman has that SWAG , we must say…

Salman and Rahman share a not-so-good equation since Ek Tha Tiger days. Apparently, the composer was approached by Kabir Khan for the spy thriller. For some unknown reasons, the offer was turned down by Rahman and as a result , it left Salman upset.

On this note watch the video below and do share your Thug life … prompt replies (wink)



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