Rajat Kapoor Once Took an Insulting Dig at Sushant Singh, SSR Gave a Savage Reply –


The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14, has once again reignited the debate on nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood. Many are claiming that the actor was not given his due in Bollywood since he didn’t came from a filmi background.

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Many old videos are going viral which shows how some Bollywood bigwigs mocked Sushant. Not just the ‘elite club of Bollywood’, Sushant had faced criticism from several others in the industry as well. 

Back in 2016, actor and filmmaker Rajat Kapoor had taken a dig at the late actor’s looks in his movie MS Dhoni-The Untold Story overlooking his stupendous performance in the flick.

He tweeted, “Dhoni looks so much better than the actor who plays him..#fact”

Even before Sushant could respond, his angry fans bashed Rajat asking him to mind his business.

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However, Sushant gave a brilliant response by saying, “I Slogged a bit extra on my skills to compensate. If you get interested in that,pls do watch the film sir:) #fact.”

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Rajat then wrote back to Sushant. “@itsSSR :))) I believe your performance is fab in the film.. and maan, your fan following is huge!! Best wishes, Sushant.”

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Sushant responded, “They are not my fans sir , I don’t have many. They just like good films:) Ps.- You were really good in ‘Kapoor &sons’.”

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