R Madhavan Wants Strict Punishment For The Guy Who Gave R@pe Threats to Ziva Dhoni –


The internet is not a safe place for women, we all know that. The trolls have no limit and no fear of consequence, but recently we saw a new low.

In a disturbing incident, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s five-year-old daughter Ziva received rape threats from social media trolls following Chennai Super Kings’ loss to Kolkata Knight Riders.

R Madhavan Wants Strict Punishment For The Guy Who Gave

The threat was made on Instagram via the comments section and for anyone who read it, you’ll know it was sadistically disturbing, to say the least.

Obviously, it created an outrage on social media.

It’s great to see the news of the culprit, a 16-year-old boy being detained by the Gujarat police for allegedly issuing the threats to Dhoni’s daughter, sparking outrage over the internet. The fact that the offender is a minor himself is highly worrying because it only goes to show how such young, fragile minds can be severely damaged too. 

However, people are thankful for the fact that there will be justice and even celebrities are asking for strict punishment for his disgusting behavior while applauding the police.

Showing his anger at the entire situation, actor R Madhavan too shared a message on Twitter. Have a look:

Here’s how people reacted to his tweet:

Trolls seem to have become the new generation of sexual harassers and are unfortunately armed with anonymity since this is the age of the internet. 



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