R Madhavan Gives His Statement Over Bollywood Controversies Around Sushant’s Demise –


R Madhavan is all set to captivate the audience with his upcoming movie ‘Nishabdham’ opposite Anushka Shetty. Recently, while interacting with Pinkvilla, the actor opened up on his views on the ongoing discussion around the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sharing that he is hurt by Sushant’s demise, he said,

“I am very hurt with what happened with Sushant Singh Rajput and definitely justice needs to be given for a situation like that. On that front I am happy that so much attention has been drawn.”

Recalling the moment when he met SSR at the premiere of his movie Saala Khadoos and once at a social event, the actor said,

“I don’t agree with everything that has been done with the case because I feel that I want to remember Sushant as the strong powerful guy that I met for a few times only, but I remember him as a guy full of energy. I wish that memory of him was kept alive instead of all the things being said about him.”

1601698239 97 R Madhavan Gives His Statement Over Bollywood Controversies Around Sushants

Speaking on the investigation in the actor’s death case, Madhavan said, 

“Of course, the entire industry is being rattled because of all the other investigations happening. I don’t want to add to the chaos. I really believe that India is in the right hands when it comes to our agencies. I am very confident that they will come up with absolute truth as far as Sushant’s demise is concerned.”

1601698239 755 R Madhavan Gives His Statement Over Bollywood Controversies Around Sushants

While concluding he mentioned that he has had some really good experiences with the industry.

“But, the Bollywood industry is an industry of very good people too. I have had opportunities of dealing with some of the nicest people, who are big superstars and would not even look at the fact that I am from a non filmy background and come and do a guest appearance in my film only because I asked them to. I have seen very generous people in the industry too and hence, sometimes feel it is sad that everyone is getting dragged into this.” 

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