Priyanka Gandhi Said She Is Indira Gandhi’s Granddaughter And Got Schooled By Mohsin Raza


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress leader had raised an issue of two girls who were found pregnant and some of the girls who were found HIV positive, at a government run-child shelter home in the state. However, the state government has said seven girls who are survivors of sexual violence and were already pregnant when they were brought to the shelter home under the POSCO act.

Recently, Priyanka Gandhi was slammed by a legal notice by UP child rights panel to reply within three days for her ‘misleading comments’ on the shelter home.

On June 26, Priyanka Gandhi launched a counter-attack on the UP government via her official twitter handle. She took to her social media and shared a hard-hatting tweet, where she claimed that her duty is to put out the truth before the people. She also reminded everyone that she is the grand-daughter of Indira Gandhi and thus will also follow the path of truth. She wrote:

“जनता के एक सेवक के रूप में मेरा कर्तव्य यूपी की जनता के प्रति है, और वह कर्तव्य सच्चाई को उनके सामने रखने का है। किसी सरकारी प्रॉपगैंडा को आगे रखना नहीं है। यूपी सरकार अपने अन्य विभागों द्वारा मुझे फिज़ूल की धमकियाँ देकर अपना समय व्यर्थ कर रही है।..1/2

.. जो भी कार्यवाही करना चाहते हैं, बेशक करें। मैं सच्चाई सामने रखती रहूँगी। मैं इंदिरा गांधी की पोती हूँ, कुछ विपक्ष के नेताओं की तरह भाजपा की अघोषित प्रवक्ता नहीं।..”

(Which roughly translates to: “As a servant of the people, my duty is towards the people of Uttar Pradesh. And this duty is to put out the truth before them and not to put forth government propaganda. The UP government is wasting its time by threatening me through its various departments,. They can take whatever action they want. I will keep putting forth the truth. I am Indira Gandhi’s granddaughter, not an undeclared BJP spokesperson like some of the opposition leaders,”)


The tweet soon went viral and was flooded with reactions from the supporters of both the parties. Mohsin Raza, a minister from UP, also took to his twitter and shared a video slamming Priyanka Gandhi. Sharing the video, he wrote that there’s no doubt that Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of Indira Gandhi but also asked her to not forget her grandfather. Mohsin wrote:

“निःसंदेह आप इंदिरा जी की पोती हैं परन्तु देश को यह बताने में संकोच करना छोड़िये की आप के दादा फ़िरोज़ जहाँगीर जी थे।”

(which roughly translates to: “You are undoubtedly the granddaughter of Indira ji, but do not hesitate to tell the country that your grandfather was Feroz Jahangir.”)

Here, check out the tweet:

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Priyanka Gandhi Said She Is Indira Gandhi’s Granddaughter And Got


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