Nurse in Russia Wears Hot Bikini Under Transparent PPE Suit While Treating Corona Patients –


Amidst this COVID-19 epidemic , all corona warriors are being admired globally as they are risking their life and doing a wonderful job . They wear proper Personal Protection Equipment ie. PPE kit to protect themselves . They are the savours for everyone.

Lockdown encouraging celebrities to become corona warriors

Meanwhile , according to a Russian newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta , a nurse has been admonished for wearing a bikini underneath a transparent protective suit while treating COVID-19 patients, on Wednesday. The name of the nurse has not been disclosed . Apparently, she is an employee of a state hospital in the central Tula region, just south of Moscow.

Have a look at the picture below:

Nurse sanctioned for wearing revealing outfit while treating COVID ...

Her candid picture was clicked when she was in the ward for looking after the stuffs rearding her patients.

Nurse treating COVID-19 patients goes viral for wearing only ...

Post that , her picture got viral on social media in which she is seen taking full precautions regarding the safety from the virus .She is covered head to foot in protective garb, including a face mask and visor.

In accordance to the photograph , the nurse asserted that she was feeling uncomfortable and warm , when fully clothed under the protective suit, the newspaper reported.

A nurse is shown wearing underwear beneath her PPE at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital in Russia in May 2020.

Without giving much explanation on the incident ,a spokesperson for the regional medical authorities said the nurse had been reprimanded.

Let’s see what netizens have to say about this news:

Novel Coronavirus cases have reached over 300,000 in Russia which is a number just after US regarding infected people .



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