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Today there is human ingenuity, innovation and technology in almost every part of the world. The bad news, however, is that it has come at a cost we haven’t accounted for: the contribution of nature. 

Along with nature, if someone else is paying the price, then it’s flora and fauna. There have been many occasions when these organisms have paid for it. The latest one is when a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with firecrackers.

In Malappuram district of northern Kerala, when the pregnant elephant went to a village in search of food, some people fed her a pineapple filled with firecrackers. Her mouth was badly injured by firecrackers and she went into a river groaning with pain.

The forest department tried to get her out. But even after several hours of effort, she did not come out and died. She was about to give birth in 18 to 20 months.

Let’s look at 11 other such occasions when animals have paid the penalty for our mistakes:

1- 70 bullets found in the body of a dead elephant in Malaysia

A dead body of an elephant was found floating in the Sabah river of Malaysia. After the autopsy, it was found out that he had 70 bullets in the body. This was the work of a hunter who killed him for ivory.  Officials said that after extracting this elephant tooth, it was put on the hideout. Despite the strict rules, people do not hawk from hunting elephants.

2- An elephant was poisoned in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, an elephant mother was poisoned and killed by villagers for infiltrating the fields. The video of her became viral on social media and it was heartbreaking to see the way baby elephant was trying to raise her.

In addition, four dead elephants were found near the UNESCO protected heritage site Singaria Forest Reserve and later three more dead elephants were also found. They were reportedly aged between 10 and 15 years.

3- Tiger crossing the highway

A tiger was seen crossing the highway between the reserves of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. This highway is near Pench Tiger Reserve between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. How are we failing to preserve the wildlife in the name of development, this is shown in this video.

4- A mother elephant mourning the death of her child is horrifying

A couple of months ago, an electric pillar on agricultural land in the Chittoor district of Tamil Nadu was overthrown by an elephant. The reason was the death of her young child. Reportedly, the mother elephant and her child wandered in a farm in Gobila Kotur village, adjacent to the Kundinia Wildlife Century, and unfortunately, the child was struck by an electric wire.

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Due to which, the child died. The mother elephant tried hard to raise the child, but how could the dead child rise. She left the place at that time but came later and took her revenge by uprooting the pillar.

The forest officials had already suspected that the elephant could come back, which is why they had cut off the power of the pillar. The question here is that have we started acquiring so much land that wild animals are coming to our house or have we gone to their house?

5- Three tigers were poisoned and killed

Three tigers were poisoned and killed in Maharashtra. It was proved when the dead body of a tigress and her two children were found. The dead bodies were found in the Metepur village of the Chimur forest range of Chandrapur district. The children of the tigress were just 1 year old.

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6- 80 kg Plastic was found inside bull’s stomach

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A bull operation was performed in Faridabad, Haryana, in which around 80 kg of polyethylene with nails, iron-plastic caps, hairbands, rubber, nut-bolts and pencils had been found in its stomach. On one hand, we are unable to gather food for them and on the other hand, we are leaving no stone unturned to serve plastic to them.

7- 40 kg plastic waste found in whale’s stomach

17 09 59 nature 1569914865

In March this year, 40 kg of plastic waste was found in a whale’s stomach in Manila, Philippines. She was unable to eat anything due to the accumulation of so much waste in her stomach. In addition, in November last year in Indonesia’s Wakatobi National Park, 115 plastic cups, 4 water bottles, 25 plastic bags totaling 1000 plastic pieces was found from the belly of a whale fish.

8- Elephant was hit by the train

One elephant died by being hit by a train. The accident happened in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. When the elephant tried to cross the rail tracks, it crashed into the engine of the rail. The collision was so severe that the elephant was seriously injured.

9- Elephant finding food in plastic waste

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared a picture of an elephant searching for food on a land filled with plastic waste.

10- The picture of the mutilated body of an elephant in Botswana is hardly forgotten

17 10 07 nature 1569914553

Despite the Botswana government’s ban on elephant poaching, a photo of the mutilated body of an elephant was seen on social media. This was a very dangerous picture. The trunk was cut near the body of this lifeless elephant and its teeth were missing.

11- Sri Lanka’s Tikri elephant dies

The use of animals as props in the circus is hardly hidden from anyone. A picture related to this came from Sri Lanka. Here a very weak elephant named Tikri was forcefully brought to Perahera Festival.

17 10 11 nature 1569914955

According to the Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) founder Lake Challert, ‘Tikiri was ill for several months. His soul is now free. Now nothing can harm her.’ However, this elephant died recently and people expressed regret and once again did the work of forgetting it.

Has men become so insensitive that he does not mind the things happening around him? Is the value of these animal’s life equal to the greed of humans?



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