Nora Fatehi Finally Breaks Her Silence As Video of Terrence Lewis Touching Her H!ps Goes Viral –


Recently, Terence Lewis and Nora Fatehi found themselves landed in a controversy after a clip from the show India’s Best Dancer went viral on social media. The video had Terence allegedly touching Nora’s butt, deliberately. As soon as the video went viral, netizens slammed Terence for his actions and Nora for not reacting.

Now, both the celebs reacted to the video. Terence shared a picture on his Instagram handle in which he was seen carrying Nora in his arms and explained the whole thing indirectly through a story about a Zen Master and his disciples. He wrote,

“A Zen Master and his disciples of monks were walking in the Himalayas back to their monastery. On their way to the monastery, they had to cross the river Ganga flowing fully though less violently. 
There was an young beautiful maiden in distress, sitting close to the banks, whose village was just across the river. She was scared to cross the river by herself so she asked the elder monk to help her cross the river.
“Sure” said the Zen Master and held her up in his arms. They crossed the river and he let her down gently as she went to her village after thanking the Master. The younger monk wasn’t taking this all easily. He looked a little worried.
The monks came to their monastery after a couple of hours of difficult walk in the hills, but the younger monk was still not settled. Sensing it the Guru asked him what the matter was. The young monk said “Master, we have sworn of not touching a woman, but you carried her in your arms, you tell us not to think of women but you touched her” complained the disciple.
The Zen Master smiled n replied “I carried her across the river and left her on the other side. Are You Still Carrying Her ?”

Soon, Nora commented on the post and said that videos like these are morphed and photoshopped for meme purposes. She wrote,

“Thank you, Terrence! In today’s time of social media video morphing and photoshop effects for meme purposes.. I’m glad you have not let it bother you and you have remained poised and dignified! This too shall pass you and Geeta mam have been so respectful with me and have made me feel so loved and accepted as a judge on the show, it’s been a great life learning experience! Stay blessed.”

Nora Fatehi Finally Breaks Her Silence As Video of Terrence



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