Netizens Urged An Artist To Turn Normal Pics into Mythological Ones & The Results Are Brilliant –


There are many ways to edit your photos in today’s time and people are leaving no stone unturned in exploring their creativity. Graphic technology has given wings to the imagination. 

Karan Acharya, an artist in Bangalore shared his talent with people after he turned pictures of people into mythological figures. He shared several before-after pictures of his work on Twitter.

For example, the one below in which he turned a family picture of daily-wage labourers into Lord Krishna’s family. The transformation he brought to the picture by morphing it to a scene of Krishna being held by Yashoda Maa and Nand Gopal has caught the eye of thousands of people on social media.

Similarly, he has turned many others, including natural objects like trees and clouds, into mythological gods and historic figures. Have a look:



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