My New Single about Holding on to Hope:Angarag Papon on “Paar Hobo Ei Xomoi”


Papon’s “Paar hobo ei xomoi” (this time too shall pass), is about hope as people battle the coronavirus 19 pandemic everywhere.

Popular singer Angarag Mahanta, better known to fans as Papon, says his new single “Paar hobo ei xomoi” (this time too shall pass), is about hope as people battle the coronavirus pandemic everywhere.

Created during the lockdown, Papon released the song on his YouTube channel on Wednesday.

“Through this song I wanted to convey that this time too shall pass The good, the bad… All shall pass. Whatever we have planned for our lives, whatever we’re looking for will come to us if we keep patience,” Papon told PTI in an interview over phone from his home in Mumbai.

“Time always moves. Nothing is forever. It maybe hard right now but do not lose yourself as the ray of hope is always there… Light at the end of the tunnel. There is no point in thinking about what is not in our hands,” is what the song’s message is, the singer, best known for melodies such as ‘Jiyein kyun’, ‘Kaun mera’, ‘Moh moh ke dhaage’, said.

Guwahati-born Papon said the inspiration for the single came from the lockdown.

“Sitting at home, getting used to the new way of life, housekeeping without house helps. Finally, when I got into the studio in my home, I started singing. I felt the only thing we can do is be positive and have faith. It’s about the passing of time,” he said.

Papon said it was a challenge to do everything without the support of his team.

“I didn’t have the liberty to invite my guitarist and others. I had to do it myself. I played the piano, the guitar, wrote the lyrics, recorded myself, mixed and mastered it myself. It was my first experience like this. I shot a video on my phone of the process of making the song and learnt how to edit videos as well. It’s a simple song… It will connect with people who should most probably like it. Not just my fans but even general music lovers,” he added.

Asked how he spends his time these days, Papon said he comes online once in a while to connect with his fans.

“I did a three-day Rongali Bihu concert from April 14 on social media because I thought people would be down and sad at this time staying at home during the festival,” he added. The singer said he has made donations to the PM-CARES fund and various NGOs besides doing free concerts for charity organisations,” the singer said. 

But like everyone, Papon also hopes for the pandemic to get over, so that he can go back to doing concerts.

“That’s our bread and butter, that’s how we survive. But seeing the current scenario, social distancing is the only way. We don’t see it happening for the next six-eight months because people will not want to gather in large crowds. The entire artiste community is suffering today,” he said.

“I have plenty of releases — four-five Assamese songs, three Hindi songs and four ghazals. I plan to release a ghazal album but we have to shoot them. I can’t do it myself. Maybe with proper care once the situation eases out, if we are able to shoot it, we can release it,” Papon, whose parents are well known Assamese folk singers ‘King of Bihu’ Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta, added.


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