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Mukesh Khanna Lashes Out At Jaya Bachchan For Her ‘Thali’ Remark –


Jaya Bachchan spoke about an alleged ‘conspiracy to defame the film industry’ on the second day of the Monsoon Session in Parliament. She slammed those who have been defaming the entire film industry, amid the ongoing drug row.

Slamming Bhojpuri actor and BJP MP Ravi Kishan, who raised the issue of the drug menace in Bollywood and urged the government to take strict action against those involved in drug trafficking, Jaya Bachchan has said that she was “really embarrassed and ashamed”. She added, “Jis thali mein khate hai usme chhed karte hai. Galat baat hai.” The comment, broadly translated, is similar to “biting the hand that feeds you”.

Her statement has created a storm on social media. While some celebs came in support of her, others are slamming Jaya for her statement.

Recently, actor Mukesh Khanna has reacted to her statement and slammed her for making such statement. In an interview with Republic TV, he said,

“Let me tell you one thing, someone very rightly said, ‘Bollywood gutter nahi hai, B’wood me jo gutter hai..’ It makes a difference. Nobody is condemning the whole industry, but one bad fish will spoil the whole lake. If you’ve to find it, you’ll have to search the entire lake, only then can you catch it. Right now it is the question of investigation and if somebody says ‘jis khali me khaate ho, usme ched kyu karte ho?’ Let me tell you, thaali ki baat nahi ho rahi because thali nahi chalni ho gayi hai. We’re not talking about the plate, but what is being served on it.”

He even questioned why Jaya Bachchan was making so much noise. “We’re not saying everybody is bad in the industry. They’re saying some are bad and some are good. So, we’re just questioning who is bad and who is good? For that, we need an FBI, narcotics enquiry. Why are you opposing? If you are amongst the good, sit and wait for their instruction. Why are you offering, why are you making noise?”




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