Many Of You Are Clueless About The Guy Who Played ‘Jaadu’ in Koi Mil Gaya is Sadly No More –


The 2003 film Koi… Mil Gaya will always be counted among the most iconic films in the Hindi film industry. The Hrithik Roshan-Preity Zinta starrer was a hit from the word ‘go’, blending comedy, tears, thrills, sci-fi and music into one perfect masterpiece of a movie. 

The movie is about Rohit Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) who is a mentally-challenged guy with sensibilities of an 11-year old. He accidentally contacts extra-terrestrial beings through his scientist father’s computer and his life changes when one of the beings, Jaadu, is left behind on Earth and comes in contact with him. Preity Zinta played the role of Rohit’s love interest Nisha, while the child-gang, who are friends with Rohit, too gained instant fame upon the film’s release.

Here are seven lesser known facts about this iconic movie:

The iconic alien from the movie, Jaadu was actually played by actor Indravadan Purohit. He had to wear a bulky costume and an animatronic headgear. He couldn’t see anything with the costume, and so had to rely on instructions of others to get around. Purohit died in 2014.

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Initially, Rakesh Roshan approached Rishi Kapoor to play the role of Sanjay Mehra, Hrithik’s father in the movie. However, as mentioned in his autobiography, Rishi saw the role as a ‘bad career move’ and turned it down, which led to him falling out with Rakesh. Finally, Rakesh Roshan himself took on the role.

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Jaadoo became so popular that a spin-off show was released which featured the alien in the lead. The show centered around the adventures of the titular alien and his young friends and was called J Bole Toh Jaadoo.

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Hrithik Roshan was not able to reduce his weight enough for the role of a young adult with the mind of an 11-year-old because he was shooting other films at the same time. The problem was solved with baggy clothes that hid his real proportions and a special hairstyle that made his face look thinner. The muscles were eventually brought out in the second half of the movie.

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The ending of the film shows Jaadu leaving and giving Rohit his special powers. But do you know that the makers earlier had shot a different ending? In the alternate ending, the alien took away all the powers with him.

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The film was believed to be ‘inspired’ from the 1982 Hollywood flick E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, in which a lonely boy befriends an extraterrestrial being, nicknamed ET, who is stranded on earth, and how the boy and his friends help him go back to his home.

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Speaking of real life similarities, Hrithik didn’t see himself as being much different from Rohit. He spoke about a stammering problem he had as a child, and was constantly bullied and has confessed that his childhood days were “like hell”. In fact, the scene where the bullies break Rohit’s scooter is very similar to an incident he himself had as a child.



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