M.S Dhoni’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Ziva Gets R@pe Threats For Her Dad’s Failure in IPL –


MS Dhoni's daughter Ziva gets rape threats on social media after CSK's loss, outrages nation

One of the shameful incident happened when former Indian skipper MS Dhoni’s daughter got a threat to be raped. Trolls actually knows no limit and they are even not frightened of the consequences.

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Ziva Dhoni, who is 5YO, received rape threats online after Chennai Super Kings lost their match in the ongoing Indian Premier League, reported News18.

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There were a lots of threat comments in the comment section of Dhoni’s Instagram posts and this despicable act was only due to the loss of a match . We can only say that action needs to be taken against these filthy elements of the society.

Have a look at the comment section :


Several Twitter users are expressing their utmost shock with the incident. India is a country where culprits do not fear to rape a female and it’s the result of lack of strict laws against the crime called rape.

Netizens are calling out these trolls, however, it is very unlikely that it would actually make the trolls stop. 

Let’s see how people reacted to these trolls:

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The fact that trolls are anonymous is their biggest weapon, so trolling has become a common menace. While India is known for it’s culture and sacraments, the legal system regarding women’s security just needs to be changed .

According to data provided by the NCRB, an average of 87 rape cases were reported in India per day in 2019. It’s important to note here that many rape and molestation cases do not even get registered.



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