Lesser-Known Husbands Of India’s Top 5 Female News Anchors


When talking about glamour and success together, we only focus on movie stars. Little do we pay attention to our headstrong female news from the news channels who have been working actively as the front face of the successful news networks as well as balancing a smooth married life.

Let us take a look at few of such news anchors and their husbands:

  1. Rubika Liyaquat

A top journalist among her contemporaries, she used to earlier work for Zee News. At present, she works with ABP News and has her own debate show where she literally slams down big names with her clear cut facts and no-nonsense attitude. She got married to journalist-anchor Naved Qureshi in 2012.

2. Shweta Singh

Quite loved and much intimidating persona, Shweta Singh has been an active reporter for Aaj Tak India for years now. At present, she is 41 years old and is married to a software engineer from Maharashtra. Originally, she is from Bihar.

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3. Anjana Om Kashyap

Executive editor of the Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap is another fireball in the journalism industry. Her sometimes sugar-coated sometimes straight-up truths have thrown light into a lot of political scandals and loopholes in the country. She is ambitious and knows her job well. She is married to an IPS officer Mangesh Kashyap. Now that’s a power couple!

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4. Neha Pant

The lucky girl who got her hands into the world of journalism at a real young age, Neha has been a keen observer of the Indian political scene. It all started with her internship at the Lok Sabha. Next, she was offered to work with ABP News in 2012 and that was her calling. At present, she is one of the very sought after anchor working with News 18. She is married to the Assistant General Manager of Vodafone, Mayank Pant.

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Who is your favorite news anchor?

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