Kunal Kamra Posted A Very Insulting Tweet For PM Modi And Got Trolled Badly By Twitterati


Comedian and public speaker Kunal Kamra have always been in the limelight for throwing shade at our Indian political system. The media houses and the news channels are also not spared from his comic slurs. He made headlines for his actions when he tried to get cynical around the leading journalist, Arnab Goswami on an airplane. His attitude was demanding and he literally recorded the entire encounter and posted it on his social media. Sometimes he goes an extra extent that makes it tough for the public to dismiss it as an act of comedy.

His digs at PM Narendra Modi are sometimes funny while some are really enraging. One such regular act, however, was not taken well by the social media public. He posted something like this on Twitter:

“The letter “P” in “NARENDRA MODI” stands for Peace.”

Here is the tweet:

This was definitely a call for war as the netizens could not help but reply with savage comebacks and trolls. Let us take a look at few of those:


While few people had direct comebacks at him, there were more numbers of tweets where people actually supported PM Narendra Modi among other followers. They indirectly bashed Kunal Kamra.

Here are few of those tweets:

Kunal Kamra should definitely think about a different way to get attention on Twitter. This was definitely not the way. Given the followers and supporters of Modi, Kunal literally dug his own grave with this tweet. What do you think?

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