KRK Posts Cheap Comments on the Demise of Rishi Kapoor & Irrfan Khan, Netizens Wants Him To be Banned –


KRK has always been in the bad books of netizens as he has obviously no control over his tongue, which reflects in his thoughts , which he puts on the social media accounts . His tweets are as weird as he himself is.

We all know that since past 2 days , it’s been a great loss to the Bollywood industry . Initially actor Irrfan Khan said goodbye to the world and his sudden demise lead everyone in shock . On the other hand , today in the morning , when the news of sudden death of actor Rishi Kapoor spread like fire , it again left everyone in sorrow.

KRK Passes Cheap Remark On Rishi Kapoor & Irrfan Khan's Death ...

Meanwhile , KRK took to his twitter handle and posted an absurd comment for the late veteran actor Rishi Kapoor . KRK had asked Rishi Kapoor to not pass away, as the wine shops are about to open soon. This is in reference, to the late actor’s tweet amid lockdown that urged the Government to open liquor shops because he felt illegal selling was anyway happening behind the curtains.

Have a look at his tweet :

Khan also wrote a tweet in which he said that Coronavirus cannot go away without taking the lives of famous personalities. “Just on a serious note, I said few days ago that #Corona can’t go back without taking few famous people. I didn’t write names that time because ppl could have abused me. But I knew that Irfan and Rishi will go. And I know, who is the next one also,”

What kind of comment it was??

Netizens slammed the famous but not so famous KRK for commenting inappropriately for late legends, Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. #SuspendKRK has been trending with people urging Twitter to suspend his account . People are also tagging Mumbai police to take action against him.

Have a look at some of the comments:

However, KRK clearly has no full stop. He has gone onto mark some more cheap statements, even on late actor Divya Bharti.

Another post of KRK read, “I don’t care if you people don’t want to hear the truth. Still I won’t lie to make you happy. So pls like it, if you want me to leave #Twitter and RT if you don’t want me to leave it.”

I will die in 2022 So I am not the next one. But one of my friend is next one. This #CoronaVirus will be remembered for next 100 years to take away such legends. RIP in advance Dost,” his recent tweet read.

After #suspendKrk trending on Twitter and anger of public FIR has been Lodged against him for speaking so much venom

KRK seems to be a highly ruthless personality and no matter what happens , he will not change at any cost .

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