KRK Insults M S Dhoni Amid CSK’s Perfromance in IPL, Dhoni Fans Grills Him Brutally –


MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings suffered their third successive defeat in IPL 2020 on Friday night. CSK lost the game by 7 runs in the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In this match, Dhoni was seen huffing and puffing while batting. He scored unbeaten 47 off 36 balls while batting at number five but that wasn’t enough to take his side the victory.

Soon, many criticised Dhoni for his slow buildup. The self-proclaimed critic Kamal R Khan too took to Twitter to insult Dhoni. In his tweet, KRK asked MS Dhoni to stop playing the game and insulted him for his fitness. He wrote,

“Bhai @msdhoni बाल काले करने से कोई जवान नहीं बन जाता! 2 रन के लिए भागने पर आपकी साँस उखड़ जाती है, जो बुढ़ापे में सबके साथ होता है! लेकिन किसने कहा, कि बुढ़ापे में खेलकर बेइज़्ज़ती कराना ज़रूरी है! हम आपके फ़ैन रहे हैं, आपको ऐसे देखकर अच्छा नहीं लगता! इज़्ज़त के साथ सन्यास लेलो!”

However, his tweet didn’t go down well with Dhoni’s fans, and they started slamming KRK for saying such words. Have a look:

But this isn’t the first time that KRK has posted an insulting tweet for MS Dhoni. Earlier in January this year, he had posted a shameful tweet asking BCCI to ‘throw’ MS Dhoni. He wrote,

“Today #BCCI threw out @msdhoni like many other players in the past. I strongly believed that #MSDhoni will retire with dignity and respect unlike all other players. But he followed other players only “Ki Jab Tak Dhakke Markar Nahi Nikaloge, Tab Tak Nahi Nikloonga”! #VerySad!



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