Kriti Sanon Shares a Cryptic Post In Relation to Sushant’s De@th Controversy, Netizens Agree With Her –


Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has created chaos. Each day the case has some new twists and turns. Till now, different probes have emerged from Sushant’s case and it has taken a whole different direction.

Amid all the controversies, actress and Sushant’s friend, Kriti Sanon shared a cryptic post. Taking to Instagram she shared a quote that read, “They fight for you. Then they fight with each other. An unstoppable chaos. And it’s not about YOU anymore. Its about them. Maybe it always was…”

Her post was well-received by netizens and celebs. Sushant’s fans showered their support and said that people are using SSR’s name for their own agenda. See how people reacted:

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