Koena Mitra Exposes Asaduddin Owaisi’s Hypocrisy On Twitter With A Fitting Reply


According to Owaisi, the Prime Minister might follow a certain religion personally, but when he is holding the Prime Minister’s post, he has no religion because India is a secular country and hence, the government of India is also secular.

Owaisi, while speaking on many news channels yesterday, insisted if the Prime Minister has to attend the Bhumi Pujan, he should make it clear that he is attending it in his personal capacity and not in the capacity of the Prime Minister of India.


Owaisi also said that there shouldn’t be any live telecast of Prime Minister’s visit to Ayodhya.

Apart from his statements on TV, Owaisi put out a tweet mentioning that secularism is a part of the basic structure of the constitution of India and the Prime Minister shouldn’t violate the constitutional oath.

Koeana Mitra quoted that tweet and categorically exposed the hypocrisy of Owaisi. Koena wrote that somebody who goes to the parliament wearing a skull cap and doesn’t consider it communal now thinks that attending the Bhumi Pujan is communal.

Koena further added when the Chief Ministers of many states and even the former Prime Ministers of India attended the Iftar party in the past, that was again not communal, but attending the Bhumi Pujan is communal.

Koena ended her tweet by calling Owaisi the face of hypocrisy and misery.


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