Kangana Ranaut shares ‘class and crass’ tweet to tease Swara Bhasker on a ‘boring day’, she reacts –


It’s a reasonable viewpoint that entertainer Kangana Ranaut is one of the straightforward character and she can be inconsiderate as far as possible. From B-town to political issues , she has a perspective in each viewpoint.

Recently, Kangana shared a sarcastic tweet about actor Swara Bhasker. She retweeted pictures that demonstrated her and Swara in comparable outfits. They are both seen wearing golden sarees with white blouses and large necklaces. The first tweet surrounded a part of Swara’s temple and called Kangana ‘class’ and Swara ‘crass’.

Retweeting it, she wrote, “Yeh sab kya keh rahe hain !! Aisa hai kya [email protected] (what are these people saying? Is it true?”

When a follower commented how Kangana has made preparations for everyone’s Sunday entertainment, she replied saying, “Haan on a boring day thoda [email protected] ji ko cheda jaye (Thought I should tease Swara a little on a boring day).”

Checkout the tweet below:

image 50

Swara was quick to notice Kangana’s tweet and responded with words of affection. Her reply reads: “Always happy to help alleviate your boredom Kangana.. you know I love you,” she wrote with a smiling emoji.

Have a look at her post :

Swara and Kangana are always in a clash with one another. Everything began when Kangana called Swara a B-grade entertainer in a meeting.

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Speaking in an interview about it , Swara said that what Kangana said about her reveals her mentality. “In my head, B stands for best. So I am like call me whatever you like. Sometimes what people say reflects more about their mentality than people that they are talking about. And I think that’s what happened with the outsiders and the being B grade actors debate, it’s really just sad. I think people were revealing their own mentality rather than saying anything about me, Taapsee (Pannu) or anyone,” she had said.

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Recently, when Kangana claimed in a tweet that she has never read anyone’s leaked messages, Swara responded saying, “Hahahahaha! Your sense of humour is just tops Kangana! Love from, A Libru.”



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