Kangana Ranaut Blames Bollywood For The Loss of Sushant Singh, Watch Out Her Explosive Video –


One of the outspoken actor of Bollywood industry ,who is known for her direct statements and upfront attitude is none other than Kangana Ranaut. After netizens started criticizing director Karan Johar and actor Alia Bhatt ,now Kangana has turned up with her explosive statements, towards the hypocritical Bollywood personalities.

She spoke on the demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput by posting a video of 5 minutes 13 seconds, which she uploaded on her IGTV. The Manikarnika actor was emotional and revealed ,how the whole film industry needs to be held responsible for this mishappening.

She quoted some of the points , which are as under :

# 1 Kangana on Sushant’s mental health:

Sushant was trying to make it on his own in a world structured ...

When Kangana started speaking , she told that Sushant was constantly indicating in his posts ,that Bollywood industry is not accepting him . She also quoted that Sushant was a rank holder and had a brilliant mind. He only did wrong, by believing the false reports of the star journalists , who tagged him ‘ worthless’.

#2 Lack of Validation

Kangana throws light on the fact that there is lack of validation for actors like Sushant ,who are tirelessly working in the industry and giving super-hits to the audience like movies :  Kai Po Che, M.S Dhoni, Chichchore etc.

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She argues that when journalists write pieces about actors with no insights–about their alleged addictions, their troubles etc–it impacts the person who is being written about. While their struggles are weaponized against them, the response is different when industry-kids face problems, maintains Kangana. “Sanjay Dutt ka addiction aapko bohot cute lagta hai,’’ she says. Kangana also points to those who check up on her, stating that they don’t want her to take a drastic step like suicide, saying that they are part of the problem. 

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She concludes her speech by pointing to the fact that the whole of Bollywood should be responsible for this “planned murder’’ of Sushant. She made all the elite directors and actors responsible for bullying him .

Have a look at her post below.

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