Here’s Why Anand Mahindra Couldn’t Sleep Much Last Night After PM Modi’s Speech


PM Modi addressed the nation yet again on May 13. A 33-minute long speech discussed about the tentative lockdown 4.0 implementing a few new measures.

Modi surely created a ripple of big relief among Indians in his latest speech. The economic package agenda brought hope to Indian businesses and workers that includes all the taxpayers. He also announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan in his speech. He mentioned that the five pillars that will make India more self-reliant are – “Economy, Infrastructure, Systems, Demography, and Demand. We have the resources as well as the resources. We will make out technologies more innovative, our supply chain more efficient.”

The Chairman of the Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra called PM Modi’s address a Carpe Diem speech. He is very active on social media and often shows off his humor in a subtle way. He tweeted, “This was the PM’s Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) speech; an opportunity to change the narrative from ‘Survival’ to ‘Strength.’ We will know tomorrow whether or not this is going to be a transformational moment like 1991. What I also believe is I won’t get much sleep tonight!”

As usual, this tweet earned him a lot of reactions from the Twitter galaxy.

“I was about to ask, how can you sleep at night after such sycophantic take, when you know thousands are walking on streets, hundreds are dying.of hunger. Its about SURVIVAL for them! But then read again and realized he said: ‘wont get much sleep tonight’. Okay then, night night.”

“How to be excited over nothing It is the pm that ruined the last chance to deal with the mercantilism of the chinese bat eaters We blew it by not supporting the americans Instead loonies like jaishankar pontificate about the ultraliberal/jihadi world order like mani shankar aiyer”

“The gravest problem India’s facing today is most of the corporates are spineless n are perfect Cronies.”

“Sir… please… request… my respect for you doesnt allow me to say more. But will surely say this… high time you & fellow industrialists with a clout to make a difference stop playing your roles in The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

“What great imaginary package, First our Govt need to explain how to filled 20 lac cr deficit. Govt should be accountable for public money.”

“Anand, who knows Babus more than you. It’s implementation n out of the box thinking that matters.”

“Please relax and sleep. Nothing big will happen, tomorrow.”

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