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With regards to the expression ” Live Life King Size” , business tycoon Mukesh Ambani is the most appropriate name we can actually consider.

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Ambani’s better half Nita Ambani always asserts that their staff is like family. As known to all, Antilia is the most luxurious property in Mumbai. It is 27 storeyed structure with offices , a helipad, a carport for 168 vehicles, theater and much more. It is likewise said that the structure is assessed to be 11 thousand crores and accompanies 600 workers including private security, gardeners, plumbers, electricians and household staff.

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Many of us must be curious to know about the pay-slips of their staff. In a new feature by, it came up that the staff of Ambani is assessed at Rs.2 lakh every month.

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Evidently, the plumber of the grand mansion additionally gets the comparable pay . Apart from the salary , medical, children and education allowance for the staff is also included in the list.

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The inside of Antilia is stunning and has a world class pipeline and seepage framework. The washroom fittings and all are such, that it needs the support of plumber every once in a while.

Inside pictures of Mukesh Ambani's $2 billion Mumbai residence 'Antilia'

After learning about the staff of Ambani’s house , all we can say that it would require skills to be a staff of this luxurious mansion.



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